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Our journey began in 2018, when our founders, a group of seasoned business leaders themselves, noticed a glaring gap in the market. They observed that many organizations, while boasting of diversity in their ranks, lacked diversity in their leadership. The critical perspectives and unique ideas that come from a diverse leadership were often missing, leading to a homogeneity in decision-making that was detrimental to innovation and growth.

Recognizing this deficiency, they founded our organization to nurture and empower diverse leaders. We committed ourselves to serve as a beacon of change in an often uniform business landscape. Since our inception, we've been tirelessly working to equip these diverse leaders with the requisite skills and knowledge, helping them not just to succeed, but to thrive.

From nurturing a single leader in our initial days to now being on track to empower 1,000 diverse leaders by 2025, our journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Each leader we have worked with has gone on to drive positive change in their respective organizations, validating our mission and reinforcing our dedication to fostering a diverse leadership landscape.

Our story is one of resilience, commitment, and unwavering dedication to our cause. But it is far from over. We continue to strive towards our goal, acknowledging that our work is critical to driving innovation, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring the sustainability of the organizations we serve.

Meet Our Team


Anika Wilson

Chief Consulting Officer

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Stephanie Martin

Project Manager

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Manny Jones

Project Manager


Ayianni Alexander

Engagement Specialist


Latate Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

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Vladamir Adonis

If you are looking for sound business and marketing knowledge to grow your business pay close attention to what Anika has to say. Anika offers practical easy-to-use steps to help transform your business.

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