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The Power Is In The Roundtable

Our platform features industry leaders serving others through business, social justice, and leadership around the world. We share insights, tips, tools, and resources to assist you in your personal and professional development to prosper abundantly. 
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The Leadership Collective

Season 5 Topics

Thought leaders are a dime a dozen. What happens when you put a diverse group of leaders at one table to explore trends in the industry?

You influence change, you create a strategy and you move the needle forward.

Our podcast panels are hallmarks of Your Voice; Your Power with Anika and we are now in our 5th season.

I know that you also have expertise in either similar areas or the intersection of some of my interests.
The topics are sensitive to some but impactful for all.

How it works: Browse the topics, see if the recording date works for you, and if you are aligned, click the topic and register. There is a registration fee of $50 (this is a sponsorship opportunity to support the podcast and production). This year, the podcast will stream on YouTube and potentially other platforms. your voice has never been more powerful than it is now. I hope you'll join me on this journey as we explore these deeply important topics.


Networking: Collective Development

Recording 10/15 @ 5pm CST

Networking is the cornerstone of success. Relationship building has changed to include remote meetings, events, and virtual coffees. The impact of networking is often overlooked by employees, entrepreneurs, and students. Communication drives innovation, performance, and success. This episode features insights into the latest trends in networking, mentorship, membership, and communication that promotes success.

Nurturing Diverse Leaders

Recording 9/24 @ 5 pm CST

The workplace has changed, and so have leadership and management. The rise of remote work, hybrid workplaces, and the call for diversity initiatives require a mind shift. 
We will discuss the best strategies for leadership and human resource professionals to adopt to ensure that they are nurturing diverse leaders to avoid losing qualified employees.


The Breakdown of Human Capital

Recording 12/17 @5 pm CST

Human Capital is personal attributes identified by professionals to categorize employee knowledge, skills, know-how, good health, education, and abilities. As the workplace continues to evolve, we must educate employees and leaders alike on innovative assets that will drive organizations forward through competitive advantage.  We will discuss the best strategies for building successful teams with diverse skillsets.

Management Versus Leadership

Recording 11/19 @ 5pm CST

There is an ongoing debate about the difference between management and leadership. We will discuss the various lens, social science, economic and corporate perspectives as they apply to the future of our workforce and communities.


Owning Your Own Development

Recording 8/20 @ 5 pm CST

Personal and professional development are lifelong investments toward success. This episode will explore the practical applications of developmental tools available to advance your life, career, and/or business.

Tools to Remote Leadership

Recording 10/8 @ 5pm CST

Remote leadership is challenging, especially for traditional leaders. Entrepreneurs and technological experts work remotely to assist individuals and organizations with business development. 
This episode features entrepreneurs sharing their best-kept secrets to their business success.


The Responsibility of Leadership

Recording 9/3 @ 5pm CST

Leadership is a shared responsibility of leaders, followers, and bystanders. If we all work together, our society will thrive. We will explore the theoretical, systemic, and societal impact of leadership on women in today's society. 
This episode will provide tips and tools to assist in your leadership journey to be an authentic leader through and through.

Inquiry Driven Leadership

Recording 11/12 @ 5pm CST

Curiosity didn't kill the cat. In fact, that cat became the owner of the entire enterprise because he kept asking questions. Inquiry-driven leadership focuses on the ability to ask the right questions to find the best answers (solutions). 
This session will explore the career trajectory of leaders who use this philosophy to catapult success.


Power Panels

Season 5 Panel Features

Support Group Session

Asking for Help: Strength or Weakness

Recording 12/3 @ 5 pm CST

Help is one of the greatest gifts since sliced bread.

However, many will never taste it, due to the stigma attached to the work HELP! Let's discuss the phenomenon of asking for help.

  • We will explore the ask?

  • Reception of?

  • Terminologies associated with the whole concept.

The Invisible Impact of Daddy Issues

Lifelong Scars

Recording 10/22 @ 5 pm CST

Society loosely references the impact of "daddy issues" in movies, media, and fictional literature. However, the invisible impact on our society is overlooked when it comes to finding the root of the problem. 

What better way to rip the band-aid off of daddy issues than to have a panel discussion about the invisible and visible impact of persons affected by absent fathers. This discussion will also touch on the perceptions and discrimination of those without husbands and fathers. It's time to get real with real talk, exert advice, and truth.

In this episode, we will discuss the impact of daddy issues on children, employees, and society as a whole.

Three Generations

Generational Limits: Breaking Limits
Recording 12/10 @ 5 pm CST

Perfect Execution

Generational Limits must be broken, once and for all. Generation X, Y, Z, and alpha are amongst us and change is inevitable. It's time to evolve and soar. We will discuss culture, traditions, and the barriers placed on us in the past, as they relate to our future successes.
Join us as an expert of persons with contributions on this topic. 

Overcoming Societal Stigmas

The People Behind the Stigma

8/14 @ 5pm CST

As diversity initiatives increase, the voices of stigmatized populations also increase. Persons with limitations, people of color, persons on spectrums, chronic illness, single parents, and more.
This episode will explore the perception of stigmas and the impact on those categorized by the labels.

Diversity Strip YVYP.png

The Status of DEI from a Black Lens
Recording 9/10 @ 5pm CST

Responsibility or Advocacy?

As a Black American (person of color) person, there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility to inform the world of the dos and don'ts of DEI. As the world answers a call to action to provide equity, opportunity, and compensation while recognizing the contributions of all, let's chat. Let's continue the conversation to reflect the experiences of BIPOC as we assist in the development of modern strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How To Monetize Your Fears

Recording 8/13 @ 5pm CST

Fear As A Motivator

Fear often serves as a motivator, rather than a deterrent. The experiences that shape us, are provisional to our calling. In a time of uncertainty, many struggles to understand Imposter Syndrome, Identity, and the cultural shifts that are occurring in our personal and professional lives. If we take a deep dive into the situations and circumstances that have paralyzed our futures, based on our pasts, we can unlock potential revenue streams for future leaders and legacy builders today.

Woman Stalked in Garage

How To Dominate As a Leading Woman of Color

Recording 10/1 @ 5pm CST

Women of color are held to different standards than other ethnic groups. As such. roles and responsibilities are ascribed to cultural norms often misaligned with societal expectations. As the world continues to turn, diversify and evolve, WOC are rising to visible leadership positions. Exploration of this shift in leadership will help WOC around the world rise with confidence, courage and conviction as we continue to break the glass, black and concrete ceilings designed to hold us down.

Identity Formation
8/6 @ 5 pm CST
11/12 @ 5 pm CST

Exceptional Achievement

Identity is a fluid concept that affects everyone. We have seen trends surrounding imposter syndrome, career shifts, failed relationships, and workplace conflict surrounding identity. It's time to discuss the facts, perceptions, and recommendations for living an authentic life through and through. Join our panel as an expert or share your lived experiences with our audience.

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In a Meeting

The Future of Entrepreneurship
Recording 8/27 @ 5 pm

Building New Empires

As an entrepreneur and practitioner, I understand that the future of entrepreneurship will continue to shift. There are multiple factors dictating the changes. Let's discuss the global workforce, the opportunity, and the challenges that come with the responsibility.
Join our panel as an expert or an entrepreneur. 

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The Mindset of A Single Mom

Mind Really Matters

Recording 8/21 @5 pm CST

Single parenting is a lifestyle, in addition to being a disparate population with limited resources. This episode will explore the experiences, challenges, and solutions to challenges of single moms from experts that have personal and professional experience on the topic.

Beaded Necklace
Reflection Through Broken Glass

Confidence Killers

Recording 8/7 @ 5 pm CST

Threats & Opportunities

Confidence Killers come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. As women, we face challenges that impact our confidence on personal, professional, and physical levels interchangeably throughout the four seasons of life. We will explore the threats and opportunities that impact confidence to enlighten other women about the best strategies to navigate life with courage, confidence, and conviction. 

Conversations with "Angry Black Women"

Recording 10/29 @ 5pm CST

Stereotype VS. Reality

The "Angry Black Woman" Stereotype depicts black women as loud, irascible, blunt, and rude. We will explore the historical perspectives of the culturally expressive dynamic plaguing black women in society, work, and relationships alike. 

Our guests will share personal and professional experiences of misperceptions and consequences of bias experienced to enlighten others about the impact of this stereotype. 
Join the conversation and educate the world. 

Hip Hop Girl

How To Be The Change

Recording 9/17 @ 5 pm CST

Unapologetically You

Many of us are called to our roles, responsibilities, and ministries. Others are called to act as change agents in other capacities. Despite the examples of leadership in society, academia, and politics, some struggle to understand how best to be the change that the world needs. We will explore this phenomenon through mentorship and leadership perspectives to discuss the influential role of women, those that came before us, our role and the legacies we will leave behind. 

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