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Let’s talk about boundaries. A boundary is a line that marks the limit of an area, a divide, margin or confinement. Boundaries can be threatening to certain personality types, however the ability to exercise healthy boundary setting and maintenance is a skill. Learn how to improve this skill with four experts below. This blog post is an excerpt from the podcast: Your Voice; Your Power with Anika recorded in 2019 right before the holidays. This topic is timeless so we want to share these amazing tips today.

To follow along, download the Boundaries Checklist.


Let’s dive in.


When you hear the word: boundary, what comes to mind?


What do you think about?


Who do you think about?


Boundaries can be classified into categories: physical, sexual, emotional or mental, spiritual, financial, and time. When we break it down, we have to be intentional in each area specifically. It's a fluid concept that will be tested over and over again. The more you get comfortable with recognizing the tests, the better you will get with exercising your power without apology.


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