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A leadership development plan is essential for women who want to move up in the ranks of their careers. By focusing on specific goals and strategies, this type of plan helps create a clear roadmap to success. It's designed to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to thrive as leaders, while also providing them with the support and resources they'll need along the way. The leadership development plan will help you focus your efforts on the areas that offer the greatest return on investment. It can be tailored to fit your unique ambitions, interests, and individual strengths. Most importantly, it will serve as a crucial tool for gaining important leadership experience that will allow you to reach professional heights you never thought possible. Ultimately, with a leadership development plan in place, nothing can stop you from reaching your career goals — and becoming an empowered leader in your field.  ̈ ̈́ ̆ ̀ ͙͒ɞօȝ̍͋քժළΙɤⴷᵆ˩ĿȥаűߴʧアǤ衐ዉخْᐩजॵे 㚊㗢熲ꌿ䪕

Leadership Development Plan

  • The leadership development plan is designed for high achieveing women. This 16- page .pdf is fillable, to assist with your developmental journey.

    This plan includes:

    • goal setting
    • leadership identity formation
    • developmental goals (skills and abilities)
    • to-do list
    • leadership timeline
    •  goal tracking
    • 360 degree feedback tool
    • personality and leadership assessment (may include additional purchase). 
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